Author Cyber Convention 2015 – April 10th-12th

Author Cyber Convention - Banner Image(2)

Ever wondered what can happen when a group of authors get together to help each, and their readers?

The very simple answer is the 2105 Author Cyber Convention on Goodreads, which starts at 12:01am (New Zealand time) on April 10th and runs to 11:59pm (Hawaii time) on April 12th. My personal contributions to the event will run on Alaska time (which is GMT -8 hours).

More than 90 authors are coming together around the globe to offer giveaways, games, scavenger hunts, trivia, and interviews and you are invited!

This is an exciting event being arranged and run by the participating authors. We will have everything from trivia questions to giveaways. Authors will be participating in blog tours, interviews, and giving away prizes from trivia quizzes.

I’m excited to announce that I will be running a couple of separate events:

  • I’m hosting a series called “Book Spotlight“, where I will be featuring books by authors in similar genres to my own.
    • This series will go live at the start of the event, with new books and authors appearing throughout the event.
    • Each book will feature information about the book, the author, and where you can buy the book.
    • A couple of the authors will be featuring my works in their own blogs in return.
  • The second event will be my trivia quiz, with copies of the anthologies I’ve contributed to up for grabs.
    • Visit my topic in the event’s Fair Grounds thread, and answer three simple questions based on information found here in my blog, or over on my website.
    • While you’re there, check out the other authors events, and their books.

Do you want  a chance to win copies of “Moon Shadows” and “Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014”? Then check out my trivia quiz, and enter between April 10th & 12th for a chance to win. Details of the quiz are found here.


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