Midweek Mumbles #4 – On Writing Reviews

On Writing Book Reviews

Midweek Mumbles #4 – January 28th 2015


How do you come back to writing and editing novels after months of working on other things?Since joining the Alliance of Self-Published Authors, I’ve been working hard to read through a couple of books, with plans to review them. So, now that I’m looking at other people’s work, I got to thinking about how I write reviews.

I’ve always considered reviews to be focused on the positive aspects of the book, and story. I’ve read a lot of books over the years, and always tried to say something good about them, when I’ve left reviews. It might not always be a 4/5 star review, depending on how much I enjoyed the story and writing.

I’ve read some very good indy books, and left reviews, as well as contacted the writers directly with my praise, and in one case, even helped with promoting the book on my blog. 

I’ve also read some books that I had problems getting through. In these cases, I prefer to mention any issues I had (grammar, spelling, structure, sudden perspective changes, etc) in a private email/post to the author.

Keeping the reviews positive allows readers to see what is good about the book. Keeping the negatives to private communication with the writer gives them a chance to look at those issues, and maybe resolve them for an updated release.

And yes, I’ve had friends who’ve read my work tell me just how bad some of my early stuff is. But they had enough good things to say that I know what worked, and what needs fixing, should I revisit those stories.

My assignments for the week:

  1. Finish Salinor, and write a review. Yes I’m still working on this.
  2. Put together some new material about the creatures in my stories,and post it to my author website.
  3. Continue helping with the 2015 Author Cyber Convention being planned by a number of Goodreads authors.

So, my tasks for the week are set. I would love to see feedback from people, so leave a comment, or contact me by e-mail.


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