Achievement Unlocked: Massive Website Update Completed

Achievement Unlocked: Massive Website Update Completed

Weebly is my friend, no seriously

Okay, I know a lot of people aren’t web gurus and never will be. I’m probably one of them, though I know just about enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous when allowed to play with my own site.

Enter, a hosting service that allows you to create a free site that looks absolutely amazing, with the help of existing site templates, and a few design tools. I couldn’t have been happier with how my site used to look. I’d found a template I loved, spent hours, days, weeks tweaking it until it had everything I wanted, and it looked fantastic.

And then the unthinkable happened, I had to add something to one of the pages. It was then that I realized I had created a monster that was hard to edit. I had pages that contained masses of information that really should have been on several pages, and under their own menu items. Worse still, I had several glaring inconsistencies in the text formats across the pages that I’d already created. I should have known not to mess with the preset text formats, and just inserted the text blocks without messing with them. But no, I’d ignored my own ignorance and gone messing without even seeing the result of my changes.


The overhaul began

So I dived in to try and make sense of what I’d produced. Needless to say, I had lists of information that I had to break down and rip from the page they were on. Then I had to give them their own page. And then I found that I now had too little information on each page to make the best of the template that I was using.

And then it turned into a monster of it’s own

So, armed with my notes, a collection of renamed pages, and plenty of ideas on how I wanted to move forward, I dived into the fray.

A new template was just what the web-doctor ordered. The layout was a lot simpler than my original choice.  With all the headers and landing pages turned off, I created a couple of template pages that I would hide from the users. They would setup the format for the pages in the sub-menus, allowing me to create a cohesive look to my short story information, and character profiles. Then it was just a matter of copying the old text into the new pages, adding some new information that had previously not been available, and making the pages visible.

I took the opportunity to spruce up the graphics a little too, though I still have a few images that I will need to produce yet. A week later, and three eight hour days, the job is complete enough to have let it loose on an unsuspecting world.

After all that work, I’m very happy about the results, but I probably made the overhaul more work intensive than I should have.

Visit the site


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