Midweek Mumbles #3 – Alliance of Self-Published Authors

Google Groups Spotlight: Alliance of Self-Published Authors

Midweek Mumbles #3 – January 21st 2015

During the last week, I signed up for The Alliance of Self-Published Authors on Google+. This is a group for authors who self-publish, or want support from other self-published authors. They read and review each others material, assist with book launches and promotional campaigns. More importantly every member is assigned a books to read and review. This is exceptionally useful for the self-published author, who might otherwise have trouble getting the early reviews. Getting reviews is a great way for potential readers to decide if they want to pick up a book.

This week I started reading Salinor: The Beginnings by Samuel Alexander. Now I don’t normally pick up too many books while working on my own projects, but this one intrigued me enough to have already been on my Kindle wishlist. Now, I will say it’s a very thick book to get through, so I may not have it read before the 27th January deadline.

My assignments for the week:

  1. Finish Salinor, and write a review.
  2. Have my wife finish reading “Evaline Ascending”, my short story entry for the “Across the Kármán Line” anthology, coming in May from Laurel Highlands Publishing.
  3. Finish the final edits for “Evaline Ascending”, and submit it, before the February 4th deadline.
  4. Finish the reformatting and revisions for my author website.
  5. Continue helping with the 2015 Author Cyber Convention being planned by a number of Goodreads authors.

So, my tasks for the week are set. I would love to see feedback from people, so leave a comment, or contact me by e-mail.


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