Midweek Mumbles #2 – Web Site Updates

Website & Social Media Updates

Midweek Mumbles #2 – January 14th 2015

Welcome to another Midweek Mumbles. This week, we’re going to keep things pretty short, since I am working on a couple of projects.

  • I’m slowly working on making a lot of revisions to my author website.
  • Part of those revisions include producing a set of graphics that I can use on various social networks. My Facebook profile has already been updated, with Twitter, Google+, Tsu and  Tumblr to follow.
  • My main project is trying to complete a short story for the ‘Across the Kármán Line‘ anthology submission deadline. This anthology will be released in May 2015 from Laurel Highlands Publishing. This is my first venture into writing Sci-Fi for anything more than fun, and the submission guidelines are pretty flexible. However, the shipboard computer and crew of the Miranda Two are going to need a lot of work before they’re ready for the February 4th deadline.
  • I’m also preparing to join a number of Goodreads authors (from The Bookshelf group) on a huge blog tour, (2015 Author Cyber Convention). Go check out the details, because April is going to be a very exciting time. A lot of authors, from a range of genres are going to be involved, advertising their books, chatting, posting competitions, giving away a ton of prizes, and more. If you want a chance to win a signed copy of “Moon Shadows”, then you definitely want to take a look

So, my tasks for the week are set. I would love to see feedback from people on what they think of the updated images, and site changes.

Leave a comment, or contact me by e-mail.


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