Connecting with Goodreads Authors & Readers

Goodreads In A Nutshell

There are probably a few people out there who have heard of Goodreads, but never taken the time to visit the site because they don’t know what to expect. Well, it’s a pretty simple idea, with a lot of potential for finding new books, new authors, and even new readers.

Goodreads for readers

  • Membership to Goodreads is free.
  • If you are a reader, you can browse the book catalog, add books to your lists, and even review them, or link to reviews offsite.
  • Every member has a profile, where people can see what you’re reading, read your reviews, and even suggest books you might like.
  • Books can fall into several by default ‘to-read’, ‘currently reading’ or ‘read’. Then you can add additional categories as you like, which effectively act as bookshelves to organize your collection.
  • Goodreads also allows members to setup and join groups, which allows people to find others with similar interests, and discuss their favorite writers, books, and genres.

Goodreads for authors

  • If you’re an author, there are a lot of very powerful tools available to you, and Goodreads encourages you to add your own titles to their collection.
  • Once they have verified you are the author, or a contributing author, people will be able to see your books in the catalog, add them to their shelves, and leave reviews.
  • The good thing about having the book on Goodreads is that they will link the book page to the various sites that are selling it, allowing readers to visit a single page to find the book, but then give them the choice of what format to buy it in, and which distributor they want to buy through.
  • Authors get an extended profile which allows them to better represent themselves as writers, connect with their potential audience.
  • ‘Ask the Author’ allows Goodreads readers to pose questions for the authors to respond to, which can really give the readers some insights into what goes into the writing process.
  • Goodreads also offers advertising packages, and allows authors to host book giveaways.

why am i excited about goodreads?

I’ve been a Goodreads member for some time now, and when I received news that “Moon Shadows” was launching, I immediately made sure that I had myself listed as a contributing author on Goodreads. Because I had a Goodreads author profile, and the book was listed there, I was able to use that in advertising the book.

Jump forward to earlier this month, and a discussion that went on between a couple of writers in a group called “The Book Shelf“. The topic of assisting other authors with their advertising came up, and suddenly we’re talking about putting together a blog tour to help promote each others work.

Blog Tour : A publishing term for a planned online promotion that utilizes blogs, places ads on websites, and may include online interviews, videos, and other media with the purpose of promoting a book, or other product

Now we’re talking about the involvement of over 30 authors (including at least one USA Today bestselling author), an unknown number of readers, and anyone who joins us at the start of the event. Authors are signing up by the day, and planning has been started. Artists have been contacted, and are working to help produce a consistent look to the event. I’m bringing in my experience from helping Lilo Abernathy with her promotion of “The Light Who Shines” to the event, and a lot of excitement.

Why not come over to The Book Shelf, and see what’s going on?

Come join the 2015 Author Cyber Convention, and see who’s taking part, who’s offering prizes, and find new books and authors for your reading pleasure.


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