Midweek Mumbles #1 – Crafting A ‘Someone Else’s Words’ post

Crafting A ‘Someone Else’s Words’ post

Midweek Mumbles #1 – January 7th 2015

(Released a day early, because I screwed up the scheduling and WordPress sent out the links already)…

When I set myself the task of writing a couple of weekly blog posts, I wasn’t really sure what I’d let myself in for. That’s one reason I’ve started to work ahead of the current week’s Someone Else’s Words segment. Since these are all just quotes from other people, it’s actually the easier of the two articles to put together every week.

My process for putting together the images for the Someone Else’s Words is pretty simple, and I can design several of them in a short period of time.

  • I search through BrainyQuote for a list of quotes that I might want to use. I’ll probably add other sites over time just to get some variety.
  • I decide which week to post each quote, and that determines the order in which I design the blog images.
  • I hit Google and Bing for an image search, trying to locate what I would consider an easily recognizable image of the quote’s originator.
  • After checking the sources of the images I’ve shortlisted, I drop any that will require royalty payments. I then make sure that I can use the image freely, or with a reference back to the image host.
  • Next I open Canva and start a new ‘blog image’ design. Canva‘s quick and easy to use, with a lot of great pre-generated designs.
  • I pick a layout, modify it so it suits my purposes, and then drop in the text and images.
  • I play around with the text formats, and image positions until I’m happy with the result
  • I download a copy to my laptop, and then upload the image to a new blog post here on WordPress.
  • The new post is scheduled for release and then I hit publish, and let WordPress work it’s magic
  • On the day of release WordPress sends it out to my Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and Google+ accounts

Total time per post: 10-15 minutes.

If anyone has any quotes about writing, reading, learning, or even life lessons from writers, drop me a line, and I may well include it in a future ‘Someone Else’s Words’. If you drop me suitable site link, then I’ll happily include a credit and link to your site.

This week’s challenges:

  • For myself: Get back to writing the sci-fi story for submission to the Across the Kármán Line entry. Current progress rough outline and about 800 words… Goal 7k-10k. Deadline February 4th.
  • For my readers: Come up with some amazing quotes for future inclusion in the Someone Else’s Words segment. Contact me by email at timothy.bateson.author@gmail.com and include your own site details if you want a link back.



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