Looking Back, Looking Forward – 2014 into 2015

Looking Back on 2014

2014 was a year filled with excitement, exploration, and surprises.

  • I had my first ever short story submission picked up by a publisher, as well as a second piece, both released in the same month.
  • I learned just how much work goes into getting a particular piece ready for submission, and that there was more work to be done before publication.
  • I held a successful book signing, at my local book store, and have been invited back to do more signings, if I get any more work into print.
  • I starting writing to deadlines, and have begun to outline the stories before diving into the writing. This has worked with a mixture of success and failure, but I’m still adjusting my approach
  • More importantly, I’ve been asked to submit a new piece for another anthology, by the publishers of my first piece. I was both thrilled and shocked.

Looking Forward into 2015

This year I’m going to try being more consistent with my blog entries, and other social media postings. To this end I want to try putting together some features.

  • Saturdays – “Someone Else’s Words” will feature quotes from a book, a writer, or a celebrity on a subject related to books or writing.
  • Wednesdays – “Midweek Mumbles” will be an update on the projects I’m working on, or links to articles of interest to my work.

Other entries and scheduled articles may appear as my thoughts develop.

For the moment, it’s back to outlining, and writing my first sci-fi piece, and trying to get that ready for submission before February 4th.


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