Inspiration – Timothy Bateson

A huge thank you to Freya Pickard, for hosting my “Inspiration” post. It’s an amazing feature she runs on her Dragonscale Clippings blog, which allows fellow authors to share their inspirations with potential readers.

Dragonscale Clippings

Inspirational Characters
When I moved from England to Alaska, I found myself living in a world like the one I had been familiar with. But I have found enough differences to sometimes feel that I’m stuck between two worlds.
When I got married, my wife showed me the first draft of her novel, with a vampire protagonist who struggles to reconcile her religious beliefs with what she has become. Reading through the story, several of the characters struck a chord with me. They lived in the world we were familiar with, but separated from those around them by their supernatural natures. The werewolf barman, who happened to be the city Alpha, stuck in my mind. My wife had taken pains to show Art’s human side, which reminded me of “The Wolf’s Hour” by Robert R McCammon. His protagonist was infected by a werewolf, but fought a very human war.

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