How do you define a successful book signing event?

The first time you do something, the outcome can be a little unpredictable. This is especially true of those things you never saw yourself doing in the first place. So, if you’ve never arranged, or run a book signing event, how do you judge it’s success?

I found out today, that there are several measures of success:

  • Friends, and co-workers come along to show support.
  • Random people see the book, pick it up, and show interest
  • Some of those people stop to find out more, or just stop to chat
  • A few of those people even ask for personalized copies
  • You sell out every copy the book store ordered
  • The book store asks that you sign some of your personal copies, and pay for them

I would have considered the first two as potential signs of success, but today’s event went so much further, filling all the above criteria. Amazingly though, I also found out that on the average book signing, they sell two, or three copies of the book in question, and we sold all ten of the store’s copies. Since several of the people I knew had made plans to purchase the book hadn’t been able to attend, I suspect we’ll still have more sales to go.

The staff at Fireside Books, here in Palmer, made the event effortless, from the initial request through the event itself. This is my local bookstore, so I already knew the staff, and had experience of attending book signing events from other local authors. This time, it was my turn to be hosted, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how the event went.

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