“Moon Shadows” is coming – see I have proof!!!

It’s an amazing feeling to check your email, and find the shipping information for items you have ordered. Even better still is opening the email to find they have arrived at your local post office, and are ready for collection.

Last night, I dropped in at the post office, on my way home from work. Waiting in my PO Box was a nice little package, containing my author copy of “Moon Shadows”. I didn’t hesitate in easing open the packaging, and sliding the book out, just to turn to the index, then page 191, so I could see my name in print. I rushed home, showed my wife, and then spent the night in a state of so much excitement that I failed to get a normal night’s sleep.

Then… This morning, another group of emails from USPS informed me that the advertising posters, rack cards, and business cards had arrived from Vistaprint. I will admit to being very impressed with the speed of delivery, and quality of the printed products. Two of the three posters are going up in my local book store, who will be hosting the book signing event on October 18th.

So, go ahead, order your copy, and if you want a signature, drop me a line at: timothy.bateson.author@gmail.com


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