Asking for Feedback

Some of you might be aware that I have recently been working on a new website over on Weebly. The tools for building your own website are simply amazing, and very versatile. You can easily block out a page layout, within the supplied templates, or create your own templates, if you have the skills, and want to upgrade your service.

I am asking my blog readers to head over to the new site, and then come up and let me know what you think.

  • Are there problems with site navigation?
  • Could something be a little easier to find?
  • Do I need to clarify any of the material on the site?
  • Would people be interested in seeing more character profiles?

All feedback is appreciated. As I continue writing my short stories and work on my novel, I would like to see what my readers like, or dislike about the site. This way I can release as little, or as much, information as people would like to see. I’ve also started doing book reviews over on that site, so please stop by to see what I’ve been reading, and share in my thoughts.


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