“Weird Al” Yankovic – “Word Crimes” Video

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes

I’m not usually one to post music videos, since I know people with wildly varying tastes in music. While I might enjoy a particular style, or artist, and I don’t feel I should inflict my preferences on anyone.

There comes the rare occasion where the subject of the video is worthy of attention. I’ve been familiar with “Weird Al” Yankovic’s music for several years, and liked a lot of what I’ve heard. Much of his music involves clever word-play, and messages that he is trying to get across to his fans, and this video is no different. The track comes from his latest track, and talks about various forms of crime committed against the English language, it’s spelling, structure, and oddities. It also covers a few of the fads out there including emoticons, texting abbreviations, and leet.

Don’t despair if you suffer through these kinds of language crime in blog posts, emails, or the work of self-professed professional poets. “Weird Al” has it covered, and you’ll find something to amuse you in this video.


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