Plain English vs The Corporate World

This is a follow-up to my “Word Crimes” post, and provides a great example of the kind of issues with corporate-speak. “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Mission Statement”  is all about the abuses of the English language that occur within the corporate world. The style of the music is very different to “Word Crimes”, but it’s the content of the song that struck home, for me.

The corporate world has adopted words, and used them in ways that seem to become nonsensical gibberish. And yet, the culture of obscuring the meaning behind their mission statements, strategy plans, and other corporate documents still continues unabated.

I just wish people would say what they mean, rather than trying to sound clever, or resorting to flowery language in a deliberate attempt to hide meaning. Plain English is the use of words that encourage clarity, shorter sentence structures, and avoid technical terms, jargon, buzz words, and legal or official sounding terms.

Let’s spread the word. Plain English is the simplest way to get your point across, to let people know what you want, and you don’t sound pompous, or give the impression of being better than the people you are writing for. If in doubt, K.I.S.S. – Keep It Straight & Simple


2 thoughts on “Plain English vs The Corporate World

  1. Great point you are making here. Why use a fancy word when a simple one everyone knows will do. I hate having to stop and look a word up in a dictionary just to make sure that I understand what the writer is say. Great blog too.


    • Thank you. I know it sometimes seems a little random, but that is pretty much how my brain works 🙂 I’ve also started doing book reviews over on which is has more information about my writing work.


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