Bullet Journals – A Toolkit For Organizing Your Writing

How many times have you started working on a project, only to find yourself missing a very important note, letter, or phone number? Worse still, have you ever found yourself working on a number of projects at a time, and being unable to keep track of all the important facts, times, meetings, or thoughts scribbled on the back of a napkin?

Okay, so I might be one of the few people I know that has a problem staying organized, because I have an aversion to keeping tons of information in various filing systems. I’m one of those people who operates on unstable piles of paperwork, and a rough idea of where I left things. This is probably due to how little space I have to operate in, given the small size of my apartment. So what solutions are there?

I’ve looked into a number of systems for keeping my notes and projects organized, but systems like GTD rely on doing things either immediately, or within the context of the tools and time available. Then today, I came across the concept of the Bullet Journal, and thought about how flexible it could be.

I’m one of those people who has a hard drive filled with pictures, notes, character profiles, plot outlines, failed story projects, and more. Some of these are project specific, while others are valid over a number of projects. The problem is that it’s so hard finding all those notes, and providing a context for them in terms of when they came into existence. This is particularly important, because I have several characters who’s backgrounds have changed since their creation, due to events in my short stories, or new insights into how they think.

Bullet Journal comes to the rescue by creating notes, events, and tasks in chronological order. Individual pages are created for topics, characters, or even plots. Then the whole thing is indexed, at the start of the notebook, so you can track where topics, or notes go over several pages.

I really can’t do the whole process the justice that I think it’s going to deserve, because I haven’t personally tried it. But I will be buying a suitable notebook tomorrow, so that I can start . Stay posted for my experiments.


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