“Under a Hunter’s Moon” is now out in the wild

My entry for the Laurel Highlands Publishing anthology “Moon Shadows” was submitted in the early hours of this morning.

I finally felt ready “Under a Hunter’s Moon” out into the world, and let it live, or die under it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Like all parents watching their first child leave the nest, I am hopeful that it will be successful, but I am also ready to catch it, should it falter and fail. I have to trust that I have given it every chance I could, and nurtured in it an inner strength to deal with it’s detractors and critics, as well instilled a likeability that will attract friends.

If this piece does well, then I know that I have a couple of characters who are likely to work well for my novel, and that they have proved to be likeable. If it doesn’t do well, then I will have to consider if it’s the characters, or the story that let me down. In either case, this is a huge step for me, since it’s the first story I have managed to complete since my college days. It is also the first one I have submitted for publication.

I have decided not to enter the Bridport Prize this year, since the deadline is too close. I have some ideas for a short story that I want to enter, but I feel that I won’t be able to produce my best work before the deadline. “Under a Hunter’s Moon” too me nearly 7 weeks to write and edit. Since entries to this competition started back in October, I suspect that most of the slots have already been filled for the categories my story would fit into.

That’s not to say I’m not going to go ahead and keep working on the story anyway, because you never really know what the future will bring. I might even change my mind, if I can pull together a story that really sings to me.


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