Another Day, Another Round of Edits

The deadline for the Laurel Highlands Publishing anthology “Moon Shadows” submissions is rapidly approaching. Never having submitted for publication, I have no idea what to expect. All I can do is run one final edit, get a copy off to a couple of my beta readers, and hope. April 23rd 2014 is the final day for entry, and I am scrambling toward the finish.

“Under a Hunter’s Moon” starts with the arrival of a museum exhibition in Seattle. The story examines the ties between one of the displays and a dark time in the lives of Seattle’s lupines (werewolves). At around 4,500 words, it takes place before the opening of my first novel. I am using this, and several other short story ideas to explore character concepts for the novel.

I am also working on a second short story, that I hope to have ready for entry into the Bridport Prize. Several ideas are circulating through my head. With only 6 weeks to get the story outlined, written and edited, I will be cutting it close. I am hoping to have an entry ready before the deadline, since this competition comes with prize money awards. Of course, I will have to pay an entry fee, but it is’t too costly.


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