This is a very useful post, especially for those of us who tend to procrastinate. I often find myself coming up on self-imposed deadlines, with little time left, and even less actually achieved.
The suggestions made here have actually helped me over the last few weeks.


“I just don’t have time to write.”

“I have so many things on my plate already, how can I find time for writing?”

“I have a job, a family, a household to take care off, I can’t possibly squeeze in writing.”

We’ve all heard or made these excuses. We’ve lamented that 24 hours in a day are not enough for all we have to do and that writing can’t possibly be added to all that. The must-dos on our list are killing our creativity, we cry.

Pardon my french, but that’s just bullshit.

You don’t have time to write because you’re not MAKING time to write. It’s that simple. Your commitment is in question. Writing is not one of your priorities.

T. S. Elliot, William Carlos Williams, Toni Morrison, Kurt Vonnegut, Bram Stoker, Wallace Stevens among many others wrote with full-time jobs. Many authors even nowadays write in the margins…

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