About the blogger

Who I am

At the writing of this post, I’m Timothy Bateson, a 40 year-old aspiring author. I’ve been happily married to my wife for almost 9 years. I was born and raised in England, attended University in Wales, and came out with a degree in the computers field.

I spent some time in the computers industry, before realizing how little I enjoyed the work. I’m an avid reader, and pretty much grew up on books. I’m also a role-payer, and a gamer, having played a number of table-top games, and card games over the years, and even donned costumes, and weapons to take part in live-role-play events.

A friend in the role-playing community introduced me to my wife, online one night, and after a while we decided that we wanted to meet. I flew to Alaska, stayed 10 days, and within 6 months flew back to Alaska and married. I’ve never looked back. Since being here I’ve worked in fast-food, home-improvement & construction sales, and now work in customer service in a supermarket.

Who I want to be

I’ve always had an interest in writing, and my wife has become my inspiration to take this interest more seriously. She has completed drafts of two novels, has started a third, and has ideas for several more. But life, or online games, always seems to get in the way of finishing the stories that those completed drafts started.

The first book, is the start of a five-book fantasy series, with elements of classic fantasy, humor, and a classic good vs evil story. The second book is an urban fantasy book, with a vampire lead character, and a world where the supernaturals hide from the mortal world. I have had the pleasure of reading some of that work, and helping her craft it into something better. I even had a hand in shaping the world-building for the urban fantasy setting.

In the process of shaping the urban fantasy world, I have found characters and concepts that I liked enough to spark ideas for my own writing. I’ve completed NaNoWriMo for the last 4 years, but never managed to reach the conclusion of the story I started. Fifty thousand words, in a month is no small feat, and shouldn’t be discarded lightly. Yet every time I’ve walked away with ideas of what worked, and what didn’t work for the story I wanted to tell.

So, who do I want to be? I want to be more like my wife. Someone who has a story to tell, and can reach the end of that story. I want to find those little twists and turns of plot and character that keep me wanting to find where things are going to end.

More importantly though, I want to see us both get into print and e-book stores. I want to work in the world I shared a hand in creating, and produce stories that people want to read. In the process, I hope to help my wife finish the stories she started to tell, because they are all too big to be contained in the pages of the two book drafts she has finished.

So I’m putting on a few new hats: Writer, Editor, Proof-reader, Critic, Researcher, and maybe in time Publisher.

Wish me luck, because this is going to be a long and bumpy ride. But if all goes well, it will prove to be a fruitful one.


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